Сollaboo: cloud-based solution for collaboration

Сollaboo is a cloud-based platform to provide real-time access and a fast exchange of content in media productions. The platform connects users within a team and also involves partners and clients in a simple, visual interface for collaboration on joint projects.

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Joint media production with co-workers worldwide


Stakeholders from everywhere can work on a video project in collaboo, independently of time and space, company-wide and worldwide, also from home. Users can comment on videos they have produced or shared. The only requirement is a standard Internet browser.

Comparison and assessment of videos

collaboo allows a real time communication. Team members of a collaboo project are quickly and transparently brought up to date on the latest production status in a communication channel. All participants can easily add information, comment, compare and evaluate as well.

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Collaboo takes your team work to a new level

  • Share, tag and comment videos and images
  • Talk about produced videos in a chat next to the content
  • Compare different edits of a video
  • Have a real-time communication with other users
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With collaboo there is no need to send back and forth

  • Create users, assign their roles and task
  • Access files on strongly protected cloud servers
  • Upload videos, images or other media files
  • Work on media files simultaneously
  • Follow changes
  • Provide individual rights to external partners, clients and projects
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Сollaboo together with medialoopster is the perfect solution. Videos are directly uploaded from medialoopster onto the platform, where they can be worked on from everywhere and anyone who was granted access.


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